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Referral Terms

The Parties to this Agreement are:

1. Secure Healthcare Limited

2. Any person, association or corporate body referring a candidate to Secure Healthcare Solutions

We offer a referral scheme where you can refer candidates to us by joining our network and earn money doing so. Please read our terms below before you get involved. 

What are the terms?


  • Candidates who are referred must not currently be registered, known by or in contact with Secure Healthcare Solutions
  • Referrals must be made to Secure Healthcare Solutions via our online form or app before registration of the referred candidate. Any referrals made at a later stage shall not be valid
  • Referrals must be a personal contact of yours who has agreed to your recommendation and the sharing of their personal/contact details
  • Candidates must be successfully placed in a role and have worked the rebate period before a fee is paid out
  • Upon immediate placement, you will be advised that the person has been placed in a role as a result of your referral and informed of the rebate period at this time via the contact details provided on your original form. Once the rebate period has passed, your fee will be sent via post to the address stated on your original form
  • For temporary or contract roles, candidates must work a minimum of 24 weeks to qualify for a referral
  • To qualify for a reward, your referred candidate must be placed within 12 months of referral
  • There is no limit to the amount of people you refer – keep referring to keep earning rewards!
  • All payments are made in arrears quarterly after the initial 6 month period
  • No monetary alternative is available
  • Secure Healthcare Solutions reserves the right to offer an alternative reward of the same value at any time
  • Payments are only due on initial placement; any further placements with the candidate are excluded
  • The value of any referral fee will be based on the salary/fees guaranteed and excludes any benefits and/or commission offered on behalf of a client
  • The value of any referral fee will be determined by Secure Healthcare Solutions. Any changes or increases to the value will otherwise be agreed in writing between you and Secure Healthcare Solutions
  • Any complaint or issue with Secure Healthcare bringing the reputation or operation into disrepute will lead to all fees unpaid being waived and immediate removal from all referral schemes.
  • Secure Healthcare Solutions shall not be responsible for the payment of tax, VAT or any other statutory deductions in relation to any referral fee payable to you
  • Secure Healthcare Solutions reserves the right to alter the terms & conditions at any point or terminate the referral scheme
  • Each referral scheme automatically terminates every 12 month.
  • In the event of any dispute arising between you and Secure Healthcare Solutions, Secure Healthcare Solutions’ decision shall be final